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Peak Performance Programs

"In the Wellness Forte Peak Performance Program, our people developed a deeper understanding of how to prevent burnout and the drivers for sustaining peak performance. The exercises really helped to put thinking into practice."  - ASX 100 Company.

Research shows that highly engaged executives are more productive, stronger leaders and greater contributors to their organisation’s profitability.

As a leader you owe it to yourself and to your team to be at your best. This means taking leadership of your mental, emotional, physical resilience with clear vision, meaning and purpose. 

Our Peak Performance workshops implement a powerful blend of executive performance coaching with evidence-based mindfulness and recovery practices that sustain peak performance in the corporate workplace.

We deliver these workshops to groups in two ways:

1. 'Peak Performance' group workshops for Aspiring Leaders & talent initiatives;

2. Tailored Executive Peak Performance Programs for Executives and Executive Teams.

It is a call to action for CEOs, Executives and Aspiring Leaders who want to bring their careers and their teams into the high performance zone of engagement.  

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Program Feedback 2014


  1. 100% had increased their knowledge of Peak Performance at work
  2. 97% participants in Workshops would put in place at least one practice of Thriving Leaders 
  3. 100% said they would recommend the Workshops to others

“Annette Swann and Wellness Forte understand the reality of corporate life. Her 'Fit to Lead' Workshops for our staff enabled them to tap into flow to be fully engaged at work, which supports our efforts at an organisational level to drive high engagement. She delivers the tools and methods to develop and support resilient, capable leaders that are catalysts for lasting business success. I would highly recommend Annette as a coach, mentor and business partner” - Michelle Duby, Organisational Development Project Manager, Optus.

Our team developed a deeper understanding of how to prevent burnout and the drivers for sustaining peak performance.  The exercises really helped to put thinking into practice and provided us with tools to assist with putting ideas into actions.  The focus on achieving calm and resilience in our busy roles was very worthwhile.  I would highly recommend Annette and Wellness Forte as a business partner and coach for team that are keen to develop and sustain peak performance – Carol Simpson, Chief Operating Officer, Resilium (Suncorp Group).

As a business manager in the corporate world today, my team are continually being asked to do more with less, bring thought leadership and resilience. As a result of the workshops with Wellness Forte the team is delivering better quality initiatives in a faster timeframe. The workshops were designed to allow each team member to find their truth and commit to improved performance in their own way - Shannon McKay, National Manager, Retention & Loyalty Insurance – ANZWealth.

These Workshops were powerful as she has the credibility as both a senior executive and a professional coach. The group coaching for my team was invaluable as she helped each member identify their talents and translate these to be strengths at work, and also introduced some mindfulness habits to build resilience as we go through a time of significant change. Everyone on the team rated the Workshop as “outstanding”. I highly recommend this Program and Annette's professional engaging approach to others  - Katherine Lowe, Head of Controls, Retail Distribution, Citigroup.

"Annette has helped us in her Peak Performance Workshops to take control of our drivers for achieving peak performance, both as individuals and as people leaders. I had my team and our key internal customers attend the workshop, and we worked together using the tools Annette shared to demonstrate strengths and resilience as leaders and to appreciate these attributes in others. It means that our teams will be able to be more engaged, productive and highly collaborative. I would recommend Annette to teams that are highly networked in an organisation who are looking to improve and sustain their performance". - Ash Turner, Head of Adviser Administration, MLC.

"This is a good model which appears concise and easy reference to help balance the challenges of career and life" - Participant

"The exercises actually decreased my stress levels. I've tried others that were duds" - Participant

"Easy to follow, great participation opportunities, and engaging. Annette you clearly have lots of experience and knowledge - thank you for sharing this" - Participant

"It was a great eye opener on how we can easily be caught up in our daily tasks and let them drive us instead of driving them" - Participant

"Great learning experience, very relatable and easy to digest" - Participant

"Can see great benefits for the team to have access to this type of thinking" - Participant

"Loving this program - for busy executives who want to achieve their work and personal goals" - Employer Relationship Manager, Large Insurance and Wealth Management organisation

"A fresh perspective on life, career, nutrition and fitness" - General Manager, Multi-national Listed Investment Management Company