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Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaching harnesses the drivers of individual engagement to generate positive sustainable outcomes. Our coaching is delivered 1:1 with a professional qualified coach, and structured in a program that that encourages an enduring enthusiasm for accomplishment. The Executive will have our coach's dedicated support to hone their leadership agility, maintain a calm mind and achieve success personally and professionally. 

We specialise in the following three areas:

► Leadership Growth - for leaders keen to achieve a significant step-change in their Leadership Presence, Influencing skills; Strategic skills and Building a great business; 
► Career Growth for leaders ready to influence their career trajectory and continued success in their industry;
► Thriving Leadership  for leaders seeking to deepen of their personal effectiveness, resilience, and confidently lead with values;

This is for Executives and Leaders who want to bring their careers into the high performance zone of engagement. A structured program of coaching will give leaders the opportunity to:

  1. Incorporate new leadership practices that sustains a high performance zone for the Executive;
  2. Develop insights and action plans that realise their professional and personal goals;
  3. Develop the confidence and self-belief to succeed in an increasingly demanding and competitive corporate environment, and 
  4. Give full value and commitment to the leader's other roles and responsibilities.

We work in partnership with organisational development professionals, and the Executive's sponsor to support the Executive's ongoing success, while also ensuring an organisation will achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in leadership capability, profitability and organisational commitment.

Recent Client testimonials

Annette provided me with practical knowledge that was applicable in live situations, and gave me specific strategies and tools I could use in my career. She is approachable, reasonable and a pleasure to work with. T. Spencer, Australian financial institution

Annette helped me to clearly formulate in my mind what I was trying to achieve with my next steps in my career.  I now can articulate this in my career discussions going forward.  Annette was very structured, open and easy to interact with. – Tracy, Executive, Financial Services. 

“I can highly recommend Annette Swann's Coaching services. I now find that I've achieved more goals than I would have thought possible before starting the coaching sessions. Over the past 4 months Annette has helped me outline my career and personal goals, which have seen me attain a new position and provided me with the tools and confidence to deliver on a 90 day plan. On the personal front, I've set several new goals, one of which is a half-marathon. I've never run that far before, but after a number of coaching sessions with Annette I'm confident I'll be able to break through any of the mental barriers that may arise” – Ashley, Executive, Financial Services.

 “Annette helped me see things I could not see myself. I now have a clearer picture of what it is that I want to achieve and how I can make things happen. Annette was able to provide a great balance between challenging me while remaining supportive and encouraging” – Gavin, Senior Manager, Financial Services.

“We all have our own tools to help self motivate. Annette, in a short space of time, helped me clearly identify my tools and helped me organise them to align with lifetime goals. The time spent with Annette has given me clarity and more sense of purpose. I recommend her work highly.” – Andrew, Executive, Financial Markets

"Annette's coaching style is professional, friendly, curious and appropriately challenging. I was impressed by the quality of resources which ensured that I maintained momentum on achieving my goals. I gained greater clarity around my values and insight into unconscious assumptions that might be holding me back from realising my potential. Being coached by Annette increased my appreciation of the experience and qualities I bring."  – David, Entrepreneur.

"Annette is professional, a great listener, provides great feedback, is extremely supportive and I recommend her services to anyone that is wanting to create a better life for themselves” – Adam, COO, Sydney start up.

"I have known Annette for over 10 years and I always respected her for her sharp intellect, strategic mind-set and genuine leadership skills. To understand in more detail her business and services, we had coaching sessions putting  resilience coaching  “to the test”. I am very grateful to Annette, because it has been very helpful in clarifying various dimensions. The intuitive questions she asked offered me new insights. The whole experience progressed my thinking and assured me to advance on a particular path. I can highly recommend Annette and her business Wellness Forte" - Bodo, Entrepreneur.